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Retreats at Ask Retreat Centre in Classical Yoga and Meditation

At Ask Retreat Centre we are offering teaching in classical Yoga and Meditation for small groups at up to 16 participants. Our summer retreats are unique in content and intensity - either 5- or 10 days - but we also offer shorter retreats at Christmas, Easter and Whitsun plus some Weekend retreats. Our students - and other who have learned similar yoga and meditation techniques - also have the possibility to stay here for shorter or longer periods of time to go deeper in their work with themselves. - Ask Retreat Centre is situated on the island of Ask√ły approx. 20 km. (13 miles) north of Bergen

Our next retreats are:

Weekend Retreat - experienced, November 14-16


Weekend Retreat - experienced is only for students which have participated in a Weekend Retreat for beginners, either at Ask Retreat Centre or similar. The Classical Yoga program and breathing exercises are emphasized and the meditations are devoloped with new steps. Karma Yoga, Kirtan and Mauna (stillness) are introduced in theory and practice.

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5-Days New Year Retreats Dec. 27 - Jan. 1

The New Year Retreat in yoga and meditation.From Saturday evening at 6.30 pm. to Thursday at 1 pm. you will participate in a living process which gives you the opportunity to discover new dimensions in yourself. We will work with classical yoga, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, concentration and meditation. In addition there will be good vegetarian food, sauna and satsang. The retreat is open for everyone who wishes to go deepen in their work with them selves.

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On all our Yoga Retreats the main activity is the deepgoing exploration of the original and authentic yoga:

Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Pratyahara, Deep Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation in the Tradition of Swami Satyananda and Swami Janakananda. On returning home you have the tools to get back to inner peace, energy and well being.

In addition - as a + activity - you will also get:

  • Exceptional good vegeterian food incl. RAW FOOD
  • Having a good time in the Sauna - bathing in the sea (5 m from the Sauna!)
  • Canoing along the seashore exploring the idyllic surroundings
  • Shorter and longer Walks in the surrounding hills and mountains
  • Just relaxing enjoying the atmosphere of peace and quietness of Ask Retreat Centre
  • On the longer Retreats - the 5- and 10-days and the Easter Retreats - we will be Silent for 1-3 days
Boathouse at Ask Retreat Centre

The area down by the sea is newly renovated with bathing facilities, boathouse, fireplace and recreative possibilities.

Photo Gallery from Ask Retreat Centre

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Upcoming Yoga Retreat

by the Sea near Bergen in Norway


Weekend Retreat
November 14 - 16
- Experienced
- With Audhild and Bjarke

5-days New Year Retreat
Dec. 27 - Jan. 1
- Beginners / Experienced
- With Audhild and Bjarke


Weekend Retreat
February 13 - 15
- Beginners
- With Audhild and Bjarke

5-days Easter Retreat
April 1 - 6
- Beginners / Experienced
- With Audhild and Bjarke

4-days Whitsun Retreat
Mai 22 - 25
- Beginners
- With Audhild and Bjarke

10-days Summer Retreat
July 8 - 18
- Beginners / Experienced
- With Audhild and Bjarke

5-days Summer Retreat
July 21 - 26
- Beginners / Experienced
- With Hamsananda

5-days Summer Retreat
August 4 - 9
- Experienced
- With Audhild and Bjarke

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